Megumi NATTO

Certified Organic by QAI
Non-GMO large soy beans
3 oz (85g) plastic cup
with tamper evidence seal
No sauce and spice packet

Non-GMO small beans (not organic)
3 oz (85g) plastic cup
No sauce and spice packet

* We ship MegumNATTO on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; and NattoTAROU on Monday and Tuesday only

Currently not available!

Our Japanese vender of sauces and spices has suffered from the earthquake. Please contact us if you would like TezukuriNATTO without sauce and spice, or consider purchasing MegumiNATTO instead.

December 2017 Shipping Schedule:

Orders via E-mail/Phone: Must be made by Dec 15, 2017 (Friday)

Last Ship Date: Dec 19, 2017 (Tuesday)


2018 Shipping Schedule:
Orders made between Dec 18, 2016 and Jan 5, 2017 will be shipped in the order they are received, starting Jan.

Dear Valuable Customers:

Thank you for being a valued MegumiNATTO customer!

We have maintained our pricing over the past 7 years, but are now at a point in our business where we need to increase our prices as well as add handling fees to cover ongoing expansion and refinement of our manufacturing facilities as well as upgrades and improvements to our shipping program. We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products at the most reasonable prices, and hope that you will continue to allow us to be your source for fresh "natto" products.

Our shipping schedules for the remainder of 2018 July Holiday are as follows:

Orders made between June 27 and July 8, will be shipped in the order they are received, starting July 9 (Some orders may ship the following week, depending on the number of orders received.)

Please note that we will be reconfiguring our packing process for our MegumiNatto product starting with orders from January, 2017 to better maximize the effectiveness of the packing materials. Accordingly, we will be changing our medium box to contain 12 cups (rather than 10 & 15 ups) and to contain 24 cups (rather than 27 cups), with a corresponding change in product pricing.

In closing, our office will be closed between Dec 23, 2016 and Jan 8, 2017. Please know that we will be monitoring emails during this period but our responses will be slightly delayed.

Warmest Regards,

The MegumiNATTO, Inc. Team