NATTO Fermented Soybean

Health Benefits

Soybeans are a rich source of essential amino acids, which are vital in maintaining a health body. Boiling and fermenting soybeans with bacillus natto significantly increases their nutritional value, and among the many traditional fermented foods of Japan, natto tops the list in health benefits. The unique enzyme in Natto, Nattokinase, is reported to be beneficial. This is supported by researches conducted not only in Japan but all over the world.

Natto, is a natural energy food that is:

  • High in Protein
  • Good Source of Dietary Fiber
  • Rich in Vitamin K2 & B2
  • Contains Calcium & Iron
  • Gluten Free
  • Contains No Preservatives

In Japan, we often add chopped long onion to natto and eat it with rice. The Japanese diet is known to lack protein, which natto supplements, and the long onion adds Vitamin C to the Vitamin C-less natto—a natural "wisdom of life" reflected in the food culture of Japan.

*Note: Natto contains Vitamin K2, which promotes blood coagulation, and therefore heart disease patients should consult their physicians before consuming natto.