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How to prepare NATTO
Dr. Oz Show: 8 Alternative Health Secrets From Japan.
How to prepare NATTO
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The Asashi Shinbun
July 9th, 2010
"Hito" (Japanese)

Wall Street Journal Japan
May 21st, 2010
"Tempting U.S. Plates With Fermented Soy" (Japanese)

Wall Street Journal
May 20th, 2010
"Tempting U.S. Palates With Fermented Soy"

May 5, 2010
"Fermented Food: Good and Rotten"

Nichi Bei Weekly
April 29 - May 5, 2010
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Edible Marin & Wine Country
Winter 2010
"Local Ferments Heat Up the Scene" p.28

IBUKI (Japanese Inspired Food & Lifestyle in Seattle/Belevue/Portland)
Sept & Oct, 2010
"Natto Ambassador Gets Americans to Try the Sticky Stuff"

Japanese Restaurant News

The Sun
Issue 412 May, 2010
"Countertop Culture, Something Is Fermenting In Sandor Katz’s Kitchen"

Natto is a Low-Carb Food Reader Views by Mari Suzuki
Event Report: "Organic MegumiNATTO Release Party at Ozumo in SF"

"Organic MegumiNATTO"

LA Skinny Black Book
Our Tezukuri Natto selected as a nutrition winner, 'Best Snack' by LA Vital Juice
Find us in the 2010 LA Skinny Black Book to nutrition.

Vital Juice
"Magic Beans"

"Any Natto Experts Out There? I Have Questions"
"Fermented soybean product called 'natto' lowers blood pressure and inhibits renin"
"Nattokinase: the miracle systemic enzyme from Japan"